Aavin parlour was inaugurated on 11th July, 2013 by Mr. P.TamilSelvan, M.A, MBA DGM [Marketing], Aavin TCMPF LTD. Aavin Parlour functions as a part of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes(EDP).EDP promotes the creation and growth of enterprises that provides training and counseling to young promoters to establish their own business and to reduce the failure rate of start-ups, contributing thereby to the economic growth of the Country.  


To stimulate one’s thought or imagination about the process and procedures involved in setting up a small or big scale Industrial unit.


To make the potential entrepreneurs know about the possible risks and failures of the project and make them learn how to overcome these problems.


  • To identify and train potential entrepreneurs.
  • To enable the entrepreneurs to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • To motivate the entrepreneurial instinct, to develop necessary knowledge and skills among the participants.
  • To impart basic managerial skills and understanding to run the project efficiently and effectively.
  • To develop various business related skills of marketing and a passion for integrity, honesty and industrial discipline.
  • To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities.

Role of Staff and Students

  • To make the students understand the role of entrepreneur
  • Giving responsibilities to place orders, procuring items, maintaining accounts
  • Staff motivate the students to begin work independently, to take the first step, to be adventurous, and to be willing to try new methods
  • Supervision is done periodically by staff members
  • The students personally receive orders from the staff and ensure that it is delivered on time
  • The students deposit the sales amount in the cash counter on daily basis
  • They play the role of entrepreneur

Strategies adopted to encourage Staff and Students

  • Certificates were issued to the trainee leaders and trainees
  • Credit system is followed to increase the sales.

Achievement for the year

  • The students of BCA created software for the Aavin to update day to day       purchase and sales.
  •  Aavin Account is maintained in State Bank of India,Perambur.
  • Best Entrepreneur Trainee Award was given to the Best co-ordinators.                  
  • Nearly 150 students enthusiastically participated as trainees in Aavin from various departments.
  • Higher procurement made during the month of August 2015.
  • Higher sales have been achieved during the college functions.
  • Token system has been followed in order to have a systematic sale.
  • Department wise Attendance register and Due note has been maintained periodically.
  • Students are encouraged to do mini projects on the topic “Study of Buyer behaviour on Aavin products.”

Business Forecasting

  • Expecting higher purchase and sales compared to 2015-16.

Action Plan& Strategies

  • Planning to request management to provide facilities for Electronic billing system with inverter.
  • Tally accounting method to be adopted in the forth coming years.
  • Orders to be collected from the staff and students monthly.
  • Planning to train more number of students.
  • Monthly report to be submitted by the student co-ordinators
  • “AAVIN DAY” to be celebrated on 11th July in the forth coming years.