The College believes in discipline, commitment and hard work.

  • Students must be punctual and attend the morning assembly every day. Serious action will be taken against habitual late comers.
  • Students must be regular to classes as the college insists on 90% attendance.
  • Students must involve themselves in academic and co-curricular activities and do projects, present papers, participate in competitions, organise programmes etc.
  • They must avoid using indecent, unparliamentary language. They are encouraged to use English in the campus.
  • They must wear modest clothes.
  • Students must wear their ID Cards in the College Campus.
  • Students must keep the campus and classrooms clean.
  • Cell phones are banned in the college campus. Written permission should be obtained from the Principal if parents want their children to carry cell phones.
  • Students are discouraged from wearing gold ornaments or carrying money and other valuables to college. College will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
  • Students are prohibited from indulging in ragging. A Black Box has been provided in front of Principal’s room for complaints regarding ragging. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authorities the concerned student will be given a chance to explain and if her explanation is not found satisfactory, she will be expelled from the institution.

                                                                     UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS

UG Regulations

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