(Ragging Complaints)

Ragging Redressal Committee Members

Principal (Convenor)

Dr. Hanifa Ghosh


College President

Felicia Maria Rodrigues 

III B.Com (A&F) 

Vice President

Dorcas Keerthana. D 

III B.Sc (Physics)

Shannia Miriam Christian


Students   Representatives

Mounika Sri. V.H 

III BA English

Aruna. V 

III B.Sc (Mathematics) 

Aarthy. S 

III B.Sc (Comp. Science) ‘A’ 

Sherin. S 

III B.Sc (Comp. Science) ‘B’ 

Padma Priya. S

III B.Com (General) ‘A’

Anjali Sheoran

III B.Com (General) ‘B’ 

Keerthana. K

III B.Com (CS) ‘A’ 

Subhashree. R.S

III B.Com (CS) ‘B’

Thasim Nadhasa. N


Shannon Shruthi Sreeram

III B.Sc (Psychology) 

Nasreen. S

III B.Sc (Chemistry) 

Pavithra G


Dean, Student Advisor

Mrs. Beena Thomas


Staff Representative

Mrs. R.K.Devi


Inspector of Police,


Mr. Jaganathan



Contact Numbers      

Registrar, University of Madras, Ch-5.              :  Ph: 044-25361055              

Inspector of Police, Sembium, Ch-11.            :  Ph: 9840728147,


Dr.Hanifa Ghosh (Principal)                              :  Ph: 044-25375753

Mrs. Beena Thomas (Dean, Student Advisor)  :  Ph: 9444841001

Email                                                                  :


Any kind of physical or mental harassment of a fellow student is ragging and ragging is a serious criminal offence.  Any student indulging in ragging will be summarily sent out of the college after a preliminary enquiry.  Police action will also be initiated against the offenders.

The members of the Anti Ragging Committee are the following.

  • The Managing Trustee & Correspondent - Mr. L. Palamalai, IAS, (Retd.,)
  • The Principal - Dr. Hanifa Ghosh
  • The Dean – Mrs. Beena Thomas
  • Student Council President -  Ms. Felicia Maria Rodrigues
  • Alumna - Mrs. R.K.Devi
  • Inspector of Police, Sembium Police Station.
  • A black box has been placed outside the Principal’s office which will remain in the custody of the Principal.
  • Any complaint regarding ragging should be put into this black box with details and without delay.
  • Care should be taken to mention only the absolute truth.
  • Every morning, the Principal will check the black box and take action against the offenders.
  • The identity of the student who complains will be kept confidential.
  • A report on cases of ragging will be sent to the Vice-Chancellor every month.
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