Supplementary Training and Enrichment of Personality:  Undergraduate Programme (STEP UP).

STEP UP includes:

  • English News Telecast
  • Mentoring
  • News Discussion
  • Sports
  • Readers club


  • To help students to bridge knowledge gap
  • To improve their communication & listening  skills
  • To encourage active involvement in learning
  • To update their knowledge in current affairs
  • To instil  and inculcate values  in  life

The context:

It has been found that students are in need of communication skills; they do not generally watch English news, video clippings in English, documentaries etc. As a result they are not able to understand the mediated content which is very necessary to analyse current affairs.

The Practice: 

  • A half-an-hour programme everyday at 8.30 a.m. which makes students watch and discuss the English news and engage in book-reviews and cultural activities.
  • The Programme was launched on July 02, 2014.

Evidence of Success:

A Quiz based on the news telecast is conducted bi-monthly to test the knowledge and understanding of students.During the academic year 2015-16, 70% of the questions were answered by the students. The outcome indicates that students are able to follow the news videos (compiled with the help of movie- maker) and comprehend the content.

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